Video call-out to artists of all disciplines (Now closed - 24/10/14)

Fringe Arts Bath (FaB) and Ignite University of Bath are calling out to artists, 

offering the opportunity to reinterpret short presentations by University of Bath researchers to create collaborative video pieces that will highlight both art and science, and how they can work together to engage people in new and exciting ways.

The final outcome is to be presented as short a video piece, in the broadest possible sense of the term. Practitioners from all disciplines are welcome, we are very open to ideas.

After a presentation evening early December (date confirmed asap) at 44AD Artspace including Scientists’ & Artists talks, a screening and drinks, selected video pieces will be showcased over the following days in shop windows around Bath.

The 17 videos of Ignite University of Bath presentations available for artistic reinterpretation can be viewed below





















How to submit a proposal?

Submit up to 500 words stating your selected UoB presentation, detailing the underpinning ideas behind your video, with supporting images/video (optional) and CV, all formatted as PDF or Word Doc or video link.

Email to or post a hard copy to: Fringe Arts Bath, 103 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BW

Proposal Deadline – Thursday 23rd October

Artists will be informed within a week of the deadline.

Video production deadline – Thurs 27th November

If your proposal is accepted you will be expected to have 1-2 meetings with the researcher to ensure that the integrity the research is maintained, though you may wish to collaborate with the researcher to a greater extent if it suits the nature of the video being produced. A fee of £100 is offered to successful applicants.

For more on Ignite University of Bath see ‘Ignite UBath’ on google+ and youtube

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