FaB Ignites Research

Fringe Arts Bath & Ignite uBath are proud to bring you a showcase of Artist and Researcher collaborations.

FaB Ignites Research at 44AD Artspace, 27th Jan to 1st Feb 2015 open 12-5.30pm daily.

Artists were invited to respond to a series of 5min talks about research delivered by Scientists from the University of Bath recorded as part of Ignite UBath. These artistic interpretations are to be presented as a series of short videos in the New Year, accompanied by an exhibition, talks, science/art workshops and possibly more.

Join us for the Private View: meet the Artists and the Researchers with a screening of the Artists' films, talks and Q&A sessions, Friday 30th Jan, 6.30-9pm.

A big thank you to Caroline Ang of Ignite UBath, Hetty Dupays, Curator of Art at the Heart of the RUH, Ed Stevens & Helen Featherstone from Public Engagement at the University of Bath for playing your parts in this, and to all the Ignite UBath speakers who put themselves forward to be art-ified.

The original Ignite UBath talks about research can be seen below, but you'll have to wait until FaB Ignites Research to see the Artists' interpretations... For more on Ignite uBath see their Google+ and YouTube pages.

Visit www.44AD.net to find out more about 44AD Artspace, or pop in to the gallery, 4 Abbey Street, Bath BA1 1NN.



The research videos from Ignite uBath:




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