'I Heart Bath' by Elise Menghini

Exhibition open: 8-12 Feb, 11am-5pm
Private view: 7 Feb, 6-9 pm
Meet the Artist 11 Feb, 7-8pm

Souvenirs give meaning to the past. Through these personal, sometimes kitsch objects, we commemorate a place and time and a desire to connect with history. Found keepsakes, often fragments, are taken home to serve as cherished talismans and displayed as small insights into our lives.

Elise: "For this exhibition, I have made a series of interior objects that have been inspired by Bath, as an historical and popular tourist city.  Through my research, I have unearthed many hidden and fascinating facts.  From the Wedgwood showroom once housed on Milsom Street to the oyster shells found in the restoration of No 1 Royal Crescent, I became intrigued to rediscover these forgotten stories. These references are synthesised in the mixed media pieces, which aim to offer a contemporary view of Bath's visually rich and cultural landscape."

Bath Artists Studios: "Elise Menghini is Bath Artists' Studios Artist in Residence. To help nurture new artistic talent in Bath and to add some fresh thinking to our community, we have offered a 6 month residency to a Bath Spa graduate.

Elise makes playful and intriguing ceramic objects that capture the idea and sense of place. She is informed by everyday visual elements that are familiar but ignored, while inspiration comes from holiday signifiers and mementoes."

Elise's residency concludes with this exhibition. See more on elisemenghini.co.uk

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