My Bath: James Heaton . . . let's set up an artists' co-operative

Proud to see James interviewed in the Bath Chronicle!

You may have spotted him at his easel painting in FaB 1 and at the FaB Art Fair last year (or in other exhibitions since, at Society Café among others). He was so excited to have just gotten the keys to his new flat! This is the article:

"Big Issue seller and photographer James Heaton answers the questions in our My Bath feature

What's your favourite part of Bath?

My new flat. Since moving in I've had a real sense of security, which I haven't had in nearly seven years. I now have a place where I can set up a studio to pursue my ambition in becoming self-employed as an artist.

Where's the best place to eat?

I wouldn't say I know the best places to eat, but Wetherspoon's does tasty breakfasts for about £3. I also like Jimmy's Spice's buffet which is around £7.99 and all you can eat – the menu is really diverse featuring, amongst others, Greek, Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine.

What's the best view in the city?

Outside the city, just past Kingswood School, there is Beckford's Tower (named after William Beckford) and an overgrown cemetery much like a meadow. You can get a fantastic view of the whole city from that point. It's also a great spot for my photography, I managed to take some really beautiful pictures of the wildlife in the area. I've even managed to take a really close-up picture of a deer.

What would your perfect day in Bath entail?

Being able to display and sell some of my work in town while engaging with the public and meeting new people. And maybe having the time and chance to take photos around the city, visiting some museums, followed by enjoying some free live music in the evening.

Where would you meet friends for a drink?

It would have to be The Bell on Walcot Street or Thyme Café in Westgate Street where you can grab a coffee for 90p. There is also the Big Issue office, where coffee is only 20p, and I've had much help and support towards my personal goals.

What's your favourite shop?

Planet Game. Not only do they sell games but they also have a wide variety of DVDs, all at reasonable prices.

What one thing about Bath would you change?

I feel there are lots of arty types in Bath who do not have the opportunity to showcase their skills. Therefore I would like to start an artists' co-operative made up of all the homeless and disadvantaged, talented people in the city. I also think the city needs more recycling bins for specific materials such as glass.

● James is studying on an adult enterprise course at City of Bath College, where he is learning to run his own business of selling artwork and photography. Examples of his work can be found on his Facebook page – James Heaton – and you can email him directly on"

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