How and Why do we Choose What to do Next?

Art Bar at the Raven: it's our very own Geoff Dunlop! 

Two-time FaB Curator Geoff Dunlop will be in discussion with Mike Tooby for Art Bar at the Raven on Tuesday. Please join us for a pint, an amazing pie, and you might even hear someone talking some sense.

Geoff curated with FaB for the first time in 2014 with Timeslip, visit the exhibition blog here and returned for FaB Festival 2015 to take over Walcot Chapel (and parts of the city) with his concept show Love and Death @ Walcot Chapel, click here for more.

Now a member of the FaB Committee, Geoff is plotting some amazing work & collaborations for the whole of 2016, and not just the festival.

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