On PHOTOcopy exhibition at 44AD artspace

Fringe Arts Bath and 44AD are delighted to present the first edition of On Photocopy.

Celebrating the means of mechanical reproduction of creative works using the humble photocopier. A cheap and instant form of communication, the photocopy has been used for social/political campaigns, the zine has seen resurgence recently.
1964 Andy Warhol showed his cheek and Bridget Berlin flashed her breasts to the Photostat copy machine that they found in the local corner shop to produce a collaborative self portrait series; these high contrast reproductions were then re-presented as silver gelatin prints for exhibition.
Aesthetic of the copy, black and white or colour; the smell of warm toner and the semi-gloss finish and shifted colour from the original. The process itself a is democratic, cheap and accessible form of making and distributing work.

On Photocopy edition 1 has drawn works from over 70 artists (some international) from a call out on the theme of displacement through photocopy and moving image.
The exhibition has had no editing and everything that was submitted has been presented using standard ISO paper sizes A4 & A3.  Video works are displayed on the screens through out the show.

The show is an ongoing growing collection and you are welcome to add your response, you will find a photocopier in the main space to leave your mark.



Artists involved:

Abbie Nelson
Alban Low
Amy Whiting
Annabelle Barton
Beryl Desmond
Brigit Edelmann
Broose Dickinson
Christie and Dino Brewster
Christopher Mear
Claire Weetman
Dan Cottington
Daniel Chuter
Daniel Wechsler
Deborah Westmancoat
Duncan Poulton
Edward Rowe
Elaine Fisher
Eva Bartussek
Felicity Roma Bowers
Fiona Haines
Gali Timen
Geoff Dunlop
Georgia Boukla
Greg Cumbers
Henriette Heimdal
Ian Bruce
Iara Ponte
Jadey Morgan
James McColl
James Bloomfield
Jess Stockman
Joe Tymkow
Julia Keenan
Julia Warin
Kaori Yoshikawa
Katie  O’Brien
Keith Guy
Keron Beattie
Kjersti Crossley
Laura Aish
Linda Davies
Madhava Bence Kalmar
Mary Rouncefield
Maureen Jordan
Melissa Wraxall
Michael Szpakowski
Monika Tobel
Neve Fear-Smith
Nicola Pearce
Nieves Mingueza
Polly Kelsall
Rebecca Everard
Robert Ridley-Shackleton
Rupert Hartley
Sally Annett
Sally Kidall
Samantha Humphreys
Shannon Chapman
Shelly Hopkins
Sophie Erin Cooper
Sophie Lowe
Stephen Magrath
Stephen Woolley
Stephen Spicer
Sue Krzowski
Tabitha Tohill-Reid & Joshua Green
Tanya Ahmed
Usha Pearce

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