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Inviting Artists and Creatives to be part of FaB, Bath’s only annual visual arts festival.
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Welcome to the call-out for FaB Festival 2016,
Friday 27th May to Sunday 12th June

We invite Artists and Creatives to respond to the 29 exhibition & event proposals below, please see individual call-out blog pages for further information.
FaB also invites Collectives and Groups to submit exhibition proposals.

A little bit about FaB
FaB is Bath’s only annual visual arts festival. We actively promote and celebrate contemporary art, showcasing early career artists and curators, and those who find it difficult to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery based art scene.
Non-profit and entirely run by volunteers, FaB Festival occupies ‘alternative’ exhibition spaces, from empty shops to street corners.

FaB Photomarathon 30/04/16

You have 20 themes to illustrate, in the right order, in 10 hours. Do you accept the challenge? Open to all who like taking photographs, the results will be shown during FaB 2016. £10 entry/£5 conc. For info and to register:

FaB Art Market 05/06/16

Calling contemporary artists, crafts-people and makers to exhibit and sell work at our outdoor market. Welcoming diverse, innovative, fresh and interesting artworks with a relaxed Sunday vibe and street performers. £20 per stall, no deadline:

The Bath Open Art Prize 2016

Artists in all mediums are invited to enter the Bath Open Art prize, now in its 5th year. Selected works will be exhibited at 44AD Artspace during FaB16. £15 per submission, deadline 30th April 2016.

A Lifetime of Work

Celebrating the work of prolific typographer and designer the late Adrian Frutiger. His fonts have become widespread, we would like pieces that acknowledge that in some way. We're interested in painting and graphic design primarily but all ideas will be considered.

A Time To Move

This event is planned as a great celebration of the ways we move our bodies. Calling to artists with an interest in dance, sport, yoga, filming great moves,circus skills and community interaction.


Unpack the idea of AUSTERITY and we find complex interconnections between the political, the social and the spiritual: imposed, chosen, aesthetic. We encourage serious and playful proposals in any medium, including performance, events, experiences and installation.

Cartesian Cut

What is the body? Bennett in her seminal piece 'Vibrant Matter' reminds us of colonies of bacteria that inhabit the crook of our elbow and how they function to moisturise the skin and help with movement of the arm (2010: 112); Bennett remarks: “the its outnumber the mes [!]”. Looking to showcase contemporary artworks exploring the porous boundaries of the body in provocative, evocative, original ways.


Colloquy is an invitation for performance artists to enter into dialogues with visual art. Comprising curated performance events that respond to visual artworks and spaces, as well as a live performance art event, Colloquy offers performance artists a unique opportunity to work within a framework of interplay and conversation with their performance work.

Connect Create

Bath is not only a beautiful heritage city, it is a creative hub in which grassroots political campaigns and community ownership initiatives are at the heart of its culture. We invite local artists to reflect on and respond to issues that matter to local people. We welcome proposals for one-off participatory workshops that address, or link to, current campaigns and community projects in Bath.

Hanging Instructions

A project open to all disciplines and artists, presenting the printed hanging instruction of a proposed piece instead of showing the, hung, neat and tidy artwork itself.

Kingdom of Boredom

Using laundrettes as an environment for the arts offers a new perspective on how to perceive the ordinary. Using a new environment and meeting new audiences doesn’t only change the viewers’ perspectives, but is also aimed to encourage artists to get a new point of view. Inviting artists to seek the extra-sparkle in everyday objects.


Calling all SW artists working in film, photography and sonic work. An opportunity to take part in a group show on the theme of Water, 3 selected UK artists will be included in a joint exhibition with 3 Hungarian artists, to be exhibited in the UK and Hungary.

Minimalism in Architectural Spaces

Inviting in particular artists who combine these themes with temporary art works or space specific works. Considering perspective, perception of space, the void and the ways in which we use and perceive spaces. I envisage the show to include photographic art works and drawn line, in particular artists who push the boundaries of the understanding of the term drawing.

Oh You Dandy

Inspired by Bath's history as a city of fashion, Oh You Dandy explores the phenomenon of contemporary dandyism. The project both celebrates contemporary style as a mode of self-expression, and considers the impact of technological development on self-portraiture. Participants are invited to submit self-portraits in any medium, which will be presented, paraded and celebrated within Bath's public spaces.

Out of the Archive

Calling artists across all media to be part of an innovative project inspired by archives from Bath’s Georgian period. For further information and to be considered for selection please follow the link below.

Pattern: found, exchanged, unraveled

In visual terms pattern traditionally infers ideas of decoration - marks, lines, dashes and dots. In practice pattern is usually a set of instructions to be followed. Day to day you find patterns by chance, in behavior; breaths, wakeup times or work routes. This exhibition will explore the boundary of what pattern is - the way patterns are made, produced, found and pulled apart.


An invitation to artists across a broad spectrum of research-led practices, to participate in PREFAB-Lab (Practice, Research, Exhibition) an exploratory trial and interim analysis exhibition exploring artistic research through the lens of a scientific Research Lab - what does artistic research look like? How and where does it function? What are the results?

Ride The Sky

An ongoing research, artistic and curatorial project that aims to redefine and challenge the meaning of masculinity, reject the ideas of traditional masculinity as a protest at conventional gender roles and explore the apparent contradictions present in the idea of modern maleness.

(an exploration of identity and memory)

Aspects of identity form and re-form over time as a result of internal and external influences. How do the roles we play in our lives shape and re-shape our identities? How fixed are our ideas of ‘self’?


Definition: Solo/1 PERSON Live/ART 20/MINUTES 4/METRE SQUARE No theme, present a finished piece, trial work in progress, minimal use of materials. Once inside the square the work begins!

The Shag

A free platform for artists, musicians, poets, actors and creatives to showcase their work. Whether your work is early stage, fully developed or still in an idea stage, The Shag is a supportive critical event designed to enable your freedom of expression.

The Time Machine

“We all have our time machines, don't we. Those that take us back are memories... and those that carry us forward, are dreams.” H.G.Wells
Time Travellers - bring us your conjectures, your hypotheses, your experiences, your conclusions.
Defying temporal laws as we understand them, selected artists, performers, writers, musicians and scientists will be given a day to play in the Time Machine. These responses will be filmed to create a cohesive multilayered durational installation where the content continually grows and evolves.

Time Frame

Looking for artists working in all media, whose work explores history, narrative, memory, seasonal cycles, time-measuring devices, calendar systems, or scientific theories of time. Artists whose work involves collection or documentation, changes over time, or ways of working which are consciously time-consuming, are also very welcome.

Transgression 2.0

Is there any credible site of ‘transgression’ today? Where? What of ‘transgression’ itself? Can the very failure to transgress count as a transgressive act? Can we still revive it? We invite artists from a variety of disciplines, including film, performing arts and visual arts to take part in an exhibition exploring modes of transgression and its failures in the modern culture. The project will promote diverse and interdisciplinary works spanning across the themes of failure, transgression and queerness.

Utopia Dystopia

Inviting artists in all media to participate in a series of imaginative responses to the themes of utopia or dystopia, or both. The FaB projects are being complemented, or supported, by events involving other Bath-based cultural organisations, including Bath Fringe, Bath Spa University, the Holburne Museum and Komedia.

Volume: Walcot

We are looking to collaborate with artists in all media willing to engage with Bath’s multi-layered existence and the notion of identity within place. In connecting to the difficulties of the ‘local’ in the city, we will encourage object and image makers to examine the varied physical identities of Bath. To investigate Bath’s identity in the digital age we will facilitate works that are durational and temporary, and invite artists working with the poetics of place.

White & Black

All mediums considered including writing, animation and performances in monochrome. Using different spaces throughout the city; Haiku parking tickets, performance on the bus, flags by the river - make us look twice.

Which outfit will land you a promotion?

To experience any city is to engage with its multiple layers both in the physical, geographic landscape as well as the temporal. We are looking for artists working in all media willing to explore and negotiate the difference, if any, between the perceptions of Bath and the city's reality.

Submissions from Groups and Collectives

Inviting artist groups & collectives with work of a high standard that they wish to show. Submit up to 500 words with images of the work (or past works if it’s a new project).
How do I apply?

It is free to submit proposals (unless otherwise stated), if you are selected there is a £17 admin charge per artist, per show.
Email submissions: to the exhibition’s email address, see above. Please submit up to 500 words and accompanying images.
NB: files to be saved as a single PDF or Word doc including your name in every file title (eg. smitha.pdf
Postal submissions: please include an SAE if you would like your work returned, and send entries to: (Project Title), Fringe Arts Bath, 103 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BW

Submission deadline is 14th March 2016 unless otherwise specified.
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