We need kids!

We're looking for 3 kids for a performance at the opening of the Expressions of Research show at Bath Uni on Thurs 19th, free pizza, think yours/any you know might be up for it?

One of the Expressions of Research Artists, Amelia Beavis-Harrison is looking for some kids for a performance. The project, entitled Job Centre Junior is about the elasticity of child poverty, and how people inevitably get drawn back in to it.

About the performance:

Amelia is based in Oslo, she will be in Bath 15-20th to work with participants, but can be contacted and Skyped in to meantime. Amelia's project blog is here: www.fringeartsbath.co.uk/casp

There's a bit about Amelia here too:www.axisweb.org/thinking-and-ideas/2016/04/artist-of-the-month-amelia-beavis-harrison

The Expressions of Research show is taking place 18-25th Jan at Edge Arts, Bath Uni, showcasing the results of year-long collaborations between 5 Artists and 5 research centres. The show will go on to tour B&NES too. 

Please contact Scarlett Mosnier scarlett@fringeartsbath.co.uk ASAP to get involved or with any questions. Thanks!

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