"What is means to be part of Fringe Arts Bath"

Melanie Ezra, co-curator of A FaB Intervention since 2013, and FaB Artist has written an article about her experiences with Fringe Arts Bath. Awesome words, thank you Melanie.

"Fringe Arts Bath tears up any establishment rules about exhibitions and white cube spaces and encourages us all to think outside the box, smash up the box, and rework it in whatever way we see fit as creatives. The key to the festival is engagement with the public. By bringing art into the public domain Fringe Arts Bath forms an invaluable dialogue with anyone and everyone. Inclusivity is key to making it a success and it’s a great place to get artwork seen by a massive audience from all walks of life. (...)

Showing and performing at Fringe Arts Bath is not just a stepping stone to getting yourself seen on the international stage, it is the international stage!"

Read the full article here: https://melanieezra.com/2017/02/26/intentionally-international/ and the exhibition/event call-out here: A FaB Intervention


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