Can you help? FaB Crowdfunder

We’ve been lucky to receive regular funding for the last few years, which hasn’t been possible this time round so...

We've set up a FaB crowdfuder campaign:

For FaB Festival 2017 we are working with 30 new Curators, some early career and other more established, as well as charities and community projects who will all be exhibiting together in a contemporary professional  setting. 28 exhibitions and a silly number of events are in development too.

If you can give, here’s what you get:

£5 - Your name on the ‘Thank You’ page on the FaB website

£10 - Your name in the ‘Thank You’ video exhibited during FaB17 festival and on the FaB website

£15 - Your face on the selfie wall exhibited during FaB17 festival and on the FaB website

£20 - FaB T-shirt. Gold print on black t-shirt

£25 - Unique FaB t-shirt. Every t-shirt and print colour combination is unique, one-of-a-kind!

£50 - Buy us a drink! Free refreshments for you on the opening night when you buy us a box of wine bottles

£100 - Coffee with a Curator. Minimum 1h discussion with a FaB Curator for up to 3 people

£100 - Curatorial Tutorial with Sveta Antonova of 44AD for up to 8 people.

£200 - Sponsor an event - your name displayed in all event-related publicity.

£500 - Sponsor a venue - your name displayed in all venue-related branding.

£1000 - Sponsor the Opening Night Arty Party - we will celebrate the opening of FaB Festival 2017 in your name! Free refreshments for you all night of course.

Take a look at our Crowfunder page for more info, and to pledge your support - Please spread the word and help us get help!

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