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Out of the Archive

Curated by Fiona Costelloe
Submission deadline has now passed.

Calling artists across all media to be part of an innovative project inspired by archives from Bath’s Georgian period.

For full project and submission info please see my first blog entry 'Out of the Archive'.


Exhibition set up, Opening and everything in between

After a pretty manic but also extremely fruitful two weeks 'Out Of The Archive' has been realised and is now showing in Bath Central Library! 

Highlights of the past two weeks include 'Out Of The Archive' exhibition catalogues: A limited number of catalogues were designed, produced and printed with exhibiting artist Ellie Mawby's help: formed from printed tracing paper these reflect the shows aesthetic and are available for members of the public to take away, in keeping with these exhibition labels were also written and prepared. Press release’s written and sent. Posters and flyers went out to key locations within Bath and were promoted online. Wood was cut and assembled to create 3D structures for hanging work, plinths were painted, cabinet parts transported and constructed to form a cabinet for Illustration exhibits…..In just two days work was eventually hung after some divering on the curators part and  innovative hanging methods! A new TV/DVD player was found and installed in time for the exhibition opening after a faulty appeared on the scene. Library windows were transformed into live illustrative narratives. Original source examples were selected, prepared and printed on parchment style paper before being curated into an exhibit of piles, a festival banner was sought, cleaned and now hangs in place of bold green council writing, exhibition labels and vinyl lettering were applied and finally a selection of well deserved drinks arrived in the space on Friday evening in time for the opening and our first visitor Colin Johnston from Bath record office.

 A visual insight into the above....more of the exhibition and individual works in the post follow up below



Hanging work of the 'Dark Matter group'- contemporary responses to material on the 'Trial and Execution of Richard Gillam for the wilful murder of Maria Bagnell' 

Ellie Mawby's 'Come into company Bathis your place'. (window drawings)                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Left: 2D works/orginal sources

Toby Webb: 'The Duel' (Film) 

Phil Toy: 'Fenfe & Chattelf' (Sense & Chattels) 


Left: Orginal archives reproduced on parchment paper and composed into an exhibit of piles with varying heights place the works in context. 


16/4: New Publicity Ready to go out

Once again Bisch Basch Bosch rose to the occasion to produce our final publicity, with less than 2 weeks to go it's time to get this out to Baths public!


28/4:An insight into some of the exhibitors 

Here’s a sneaky preview into the artists and kind of work that will be on show in ‘Out Of The Archive’. I anticipate a diverse exhibition encompassing print, drawing, installation, moving image and sound.


7/4: Finalising Source Material Matches 

Before sending out final archive material and giving my artists the go ahead I spent the day in Bath record office consolidating all the source material I’d encountered during previous visits and provisionally matched to selected artists as-well as reviewing some latest additions Colin had pulled out following my enquiries during the lead up to selection. This day proved pivotal in terms of clarifying archive material for each artist and recording source details. After a long day of scanning, photocopying, photographing, note taking and decision making I am finally in a position to send out confirmation emails and archive material to the selected artists.

Here’s a glimpse into the diverse range of material making its way from one inbox to another! (Many of the sources encompass written elements but for ease of eye I’ve pulled out their visual elements)

spanning subjects from Georgian dentistry practice to upper class spa life vs the Georgian pauper, astronomy to murder and contested duels it's now over to the artists for a while!....



An exciting and crucial point in terms of project development the aim of this meeting was to establish the exhibiting artists for Out Of The Archive 2016. I faced some tough but necessary decisions in terms of selection and elimination in which consulting and reviewing the source material I'd encountered at Bath record office proved vital. I am pleased to reveal a diverse group of artists for Out Of The Archive who work across a range of media.

The images below, taken directly from the PowerPoint presentation formed and delivered at this meeting provide an insight into the working practice of each artist, their interests in relation to ‘Out Of The Archive’ and indicate potential stimuli… Next stop is confirming source material matches, sending these to the selected artists and working together to transform Out Of The Archive from curators concept into Exhibition reality!….