FaB Festival 24 May - 9 June 2019 #FaB19
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Video: Fringe Arts Bath 2019 Opening Night Arty Party

Alternative image: © Melissa Wraxall, Flux

part of Size Matters curated by Mark Fearbunce for #FaB19

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Fringe Arts Bath is a non profit-making artist-led organisation, entirely ran by volunteers.

FaB aim to raise the profile of contemporary visual arts in Bath, provide opportunities for early-career and emerging artists, and put art in unusual places in unexpected ways for people to happen across and interact with.

The FaB team organise projects throughout the year, including a two-week festival of contemporary visual art exhibitions, events and workshops during Bath Fringe Festival in May/June each year. Free for all to attend, occupying empty shops, unusual spaces and making appearances around the streets of Bath.

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