Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you asking me to help / invigilate?

It’s crowdsourcing.

The festival is ran by volunteers, most have jobs. Joining in and invigilating venues, keeping the venues open, helping install & take down work makes the festival happen, we couldn’t do it without your help.

Also it means you get to meet other artists, loads of great conversations and amazing projects stem from this. The general public get to meet you, and get inspired to take part too.


I live in Papua New Guinea / I am under 18 / I don't work in the arts. Can I submit?

Yes, everyone can submit.

Why do you ask for £20 if my work is selected?

It’s crowdsourcing.

While we’re all volunteers, we can’t run the festival for free. Your contribution goes towards renting exhibition spaces, annual insurance, website hosting, tools, white paint, coffees for volunteers, printing, social media posts, functional stuff.


How else can I help?

You can manage volunteers, install work, lend us your venue, lend us your woodwork skills, fundraise, donate, write press releases, tell people about the festival, interview visitors, collect data, write articles and plenty more.

We’d love your help, click here to let us know.