Soft Rebellion's Art Words Bible


- Something I just made up.
- Short for Meta-Modern/ist/ism.

Artistic Sincerity

-Honest, truthful, non-hypocritical.
-Making art that isn't a copy, mocking or simply reference.
-Art that is integral to the artist.

Informed Naivety

-Being conscious of social, political and cultural issues while being able to approach art with a childlike enthusiasm.
-Being informed but allowing yourself to express freely.

Pinterest has all the answers to Modernism and Post-modernism:

Pinterest has all the answers to Modernism and Post-modernism:

Fluid art

-Art that is not restricted to a single theme, style or method
-Artists who do not have a single style or method of making.


-To not act in self-interest
-Not to accept a system just because it works financially, commercially or provides notoriety
-Making art because you care, not because of status

Subjective Truth

- An individual's experience and perception of reality
- Being aware of no fixed truth about reality, morality or purpose
- Defining your own reality, morality and purpose within a cultural, Social and Political System

Interpersonal in Art

- The other and trying to communicate with them
- A relationship with other people


- Art that seeks to simply shock or provoke people
- Art that thrives on the controversy it creates, rather than a considered artistic statement
- Artistic attention-seeking


- Adding quotation marks to everything
- Being ironic as a way of referencing and not creating
- A defence mechanism
- Expressing ideas via cultural language
- A once necessary method of expressing ideas during the second half of the twentieth century


- Copying modernist methods with a contemporary spin
- Often used in reference to a revival in formalist abstraction
- Art that is not considered but made in likeness to famous works


- One-way is the only way mentality
- A restricted mindset of making
- Often a belief that one way or method of art is superior
- A fixed idea of art, culture, society and politics