Preview of the contributors and what to expect :p

So over the days running up to the Fringe Arts Bath 2018 festival, and this little gRiPe show.  I'll be posting some small sneak previews of the artists/contributors involved with making the zines in both the Micro Zine Machine, and the Big Bad Badge Machine.

There will not be any artists statements in the traditional sense for a few reasons.  I consider them irrelevant to the appreciation of their work.  Also as I wish to remove the possibility that they may cloud how their work is viewed.  As this show is designed to bring people from different backgrounds together, many of the contributors may not self identify as artists.  As such may not have or feel the need for 'artist' statements.

Lastly rather than read a scripted or 'curated' piece of writing.  If you feel you want to know more about the artist or piece in question, I would rather encourage a dialogue with the artist/creator.  Most are active on the various social media platforms.

(If I had my way I wouldn't even reveal names even until you have seen the work to prevent potential gender stereotyping etc)

A variation on a photo I took of a low quality toy soldier. 

A variation on a photo I took of a low quality toy soldier.