Announcing the Artists: Chloë McCallum

Chloë McCallum


Chloë McCallum's work sits at the frontier of digital mixed media, grappling with sound, light, and installation. She creates complex technological assemblages that disrupt space with multisensory sculptures; invoking a sort of synaesthetic experience. She alludes to utopian desires of technological Edens and a synthetic coexistence with the digital, present in the interwoven, mesh of light and glass.

Chloë McCallum describes her work in the exhibition: 

"I am interested in the intersection between materiality and digital technology, and how the two contrasting subjects can coexist. Technology is progressing at an accelerated rate, and with it, the digital that is slowly encompassing all aspects of our daily lives will be more advanced than it is now. In my imagination, information in the future will be composed of coded and visual mathematical algorithms for us to decipher. I like to play around with these ideas within unique sound installations to bring the digital into the physical world."

Chloeë McCullum, 

Chloeë McCullum,