Max McClure, Exhibiting Artist

Max McClure

Max McClure will be exhibiting photgraphs from his 'Wild Food' series at Nature Morte.

“Max McClure was born in the UK and grew up in the West of Ireland where he developed a deep love for the big outdoors and adventure.

In this new photographic series of work titled ‘Wild Food’, the viewer is presented with something old and something new – a fusion of the traditional themes of still life painting; the transience of life, ephemerality and symbols of abundance, with contemporary photographic compositions and the rising trend of foraging and slow food horticulture.

Max has a degree in photography and works commercially with international fashion brands, architectural firms, advertising agencies and design companies.” Max McClure, 2018.

McClure’s high contrast images contain the same bounteous beauty of a ‘Banquet Piece Still Life’. The contrast lies in the withering and drying plant foods that are considered, demure and reflect a gentler approach to food, life and death. His photographs may be less dramatic than the Seventeenth Century oil paintings, but are reflective, rich and profoundly beautiful.

Wild Food, Max McClure.

Wild Food, Max McClure.