Announcing the Artists: Franek Wardyński

Franek Wardynski

Archive of Future Memories

Concerned with the cultural impact of a wireless world, Franek Wardyński's work harks back to the early stages of computer technology with an affection for the physicality of data. His work looks at the evolution of technology from the material to the invisible cloud, considering himself both witness and complicit participant in this change. His work is a eulogy for the manual, referencing the commonly felt childhood nostalgia for the obsolete; floppy disks, CD's, memory cards and the 'magical sounds of the modem'. He imagines a post-apocalyptic scene in which discarded memories, in the form of SD cards, float lifelessly like the flotsam and jetsam of a digital ocean. His work is an ongoing project in which he locks his social media memories into these ephemeral objects, permanently sealed off from the cloud in a time capsule, and In an act of what some might declare a self-mortification, he plans to completely terminate his digital life. 

Franek Wardyński describes his work in the exhibition: 

"In the wireless world where everything is kept in invisible clouds, the seas are filled with obsolete means of storage. These devices are now only dead memories of a once physical data exchange—a connection lost for good. 

Archive of Future memories depicts a parley between intelligent devices, provided by a human protocol, sophisticated enough to import and export binary information through delicate Secure Digital docks.

Our conversations, endless hours telling and showing the machines about our lives, will only exist within a technology format of that given time. Access to the memory itself will be forever gone."