Sue Hunt, Exhibiting Artist

Sue Hunt

Sue Hunt will be displaying a series of paintings, created in white gouache on carbide. She will also be created a site-specific installation using shadows and plant material at Nature Morte.

 “I don’t endeavour to imitate nature, but to make work inspired by it, and through this, to communicate the spirit of life force coming into being. My interest lies in a rigour of drawing combined with a strong abstract identity in terms of composition. Through this focus I allow the medium of what I am using, be it paint, drawing, or etching, to play an equal part.

 Subject matter is often revealed through play and exploration of the materials themselves; this, and a fascination with the quiet energy of botanical forms and motifs, has underpinned my work of late.

 The work could be seen as an analogy of life, birth, growth, development and fading towards extinction, which we share existentially, as parallel eco-residents, with the natural world.

Life can be brief, forceful, transient, fragile and diverse. These elements I recognize as becoming fundamental to my work, and it is the magnificence and poignancy of this quiet reflection that I wish to communicate.” Sue Hunt, 2018.

 Hunt’s work retains the high contrast imagery of the Dutch Still Life. This visual use of contrast mirrors the subject matter: the delicacy of her intricate paintings residing with the encroaching black background acts as a spectre, a veiled threat of death or extinction, as Hunt puts it.

Gouache on carbide paper, Sue Hunt.

Gouache on carbide paper, Sue Hunt.