Heather Griffin, Exhibiting Artist

Heather Griffin

Heather Griffin will be exhibiting a performance style sculpture entitled Taint.

"Heather Griffin is a visual artist working and residing in Somerset. As a contemporary artist Griffin uses unconventional materials to explore mark making across disciplines. The work is instinctive and often autobiographical, using organic materials and found objects to evoke memory.

Griffin works across disciplines, layering and encapsulating items both digitally through photography, Photoshop and print and sculpturally in resin, wax, cloth and wire. The process of trapping items is an attempt to preserve the ephemeral.

Taint, is a performance sculpture that was made as a response to Seventeenth Century Dutch Still Life, in particular the idea of the impossible bouquet. In these paintings an immaculate bouquet would be portrayed, yet many of the flowers were from different regions of the world and would bloom at different times of the year. In a post modern society we have the capability to create this bouquet. A light is centred within the bouquet drying them over time, this represents the aspirations to perfection of both the twenty first century and the seventeenth." Heather Griffin, 2018.

Taint, Heather Griffin, 2018.

Taint, Heather Griffin, 2018.