Heidi Moxon (soft rebel)

Heidi Moxon


Incidental, 2018

Concrete, aluminium, plaster

W 40.5 cm x 50.5 cm x 34.5 cm H





I am both an artist and a practising architect; working between drawings, sculpture, and architecture. Exploring the space between, where the boundaries blur and overlap. 


Recently my work has been inspired by notions of Meta-Modernism, looking through the lens of architectural stories and materiality. Seeking to express the oscillation between modernism and postmodernism, and our quest between these two states, whilst establishing its own identity but not rejecting either. 


I am intrigued by incidental and accidental beauty and joy, that can be found in ordinary and industrial buildings; such as leftover construction of exposed gable-ends - that which starts out as prosaic yet becomes the uncanny.