Eleanor Turnbull (soft rebel)

Eleanor Turnbull


How to fill in the time

A two screen video installation





When I don't know how to begin, I’ll work with a material just to use it all up and see what that looks like.  Sometimes that involves scribbling or squishing or inventing a new tool. This mindless production is how I generate ideas – and this sometimes takes over and becomes the work itself. 


I find myself redirecting domestic and self-caring actions away from the body and instead, performing them into surrounding environments: makeup on concrete, spoons and whisks in rock pools, pastry on skirting boards. Environment and tool together, enable a satisfying action, offsetting the paces of the body with environment and technology. 


Searching for the balance between the boredom and ridiculousness of daily life, these short lived moments are about intimacy, monotony, pointlessness; the humour in it all.