ISD! Thoughts/Feedback


I found listening to the devices in the exhibition brought a continuum of sounds that could stand alone and work together to unfold a musical experience. The mechanic quality, the rhythm and harmony produced was mesmerising. In and out of sync, obscure, but engagingly satisfying. 

Curating is a challenge but very rewarding, knowing that people have witnessed an idea that has evolved into not just individual work but a collection that’s speaks a language that is new and thought provoking, fun and experiential.

Weaving sound, locking or unlocking sound, making sound sculptures from unheard sound, listening for modified radio frequencies, pulsing sub bass through pipes, a printers rhythmic quality, everyday instructions and commands, machines or nature, voice and environment through cones, a guitar played with utensils... listen! It Sounds Devicive! 

Some viewers/listeners feedback 

“This room really creates it own atmosphere, the sounds made me feel like I couldn’t breathe but didn’t want to leave. Well done! Love a bit of interesting and different art”

“Look with your ears” and “Feel with your body”

“The voice over on the digital workforce was really original and interesting thoughts, will leave me thinking”

“ Sensational, an excellent exhibition, bringing together some very diverse and evocative work. Loved it!”

“Brilliantly curated space making me want to listen to the world on the way home”

On the 06/06/18 From an older interested hard of hearing visitor:

“Sound is a source of stress for me as I hear imperfectly. All the extra sounds in our local environment startle me. I never know whether I'm supposed to react, answer, flee etc.
The need for silence becomes overwhelming. The peace of not having to hear, or respond. The low-level, thrum and the various prickles of sound are ongoing and I'm challenged. I've not walked out but stayed with it” 

Thank you Verona

A great response to the show. Thanks to all the artists and works that made it a special experience for myself still having a strong urge to curate and listen to the world and it’s surroundings.

Lee Riley Curator of It Sounds Devicive!