Announcing the Artists: Agnese Gutovska

Agnese Gutovska

Nostalgia for a Future

Agnese Gutovska's work playfully acts on curiosities and desire, leading the viewer away from reality. There is an intangible nature to her work, always mediated whether it is through the screen or under a perspex box. The distance established between the work and the viewer, and thus reality and the subjects, allows for the detachment from reality. The artist explores youth and desire in a hyperreal world where the language of the digital and the aesthetics of the Internet fill her vocabulary.

Agnese describes her work in the exhibition: 

My practice can be described as visual poetry, responding to personal as well as universal themes such as identity, time and melancholy. ‘Nostalgia for a Future’ displays a futuristic world in which reality is silk coated yet monotonous. The installation displays a heightened representation of a generation growing up with technology where, in neon lights, they become still and godlike but disconnected from the world; in a vacuum which becomes their limbo. The installation captures two young adolescents whose reality is hidden beneath a surface, a filter and a screen. They appear, breathing and blinking behind a layer of glass on a high plinth that acts as a barrier between the viewer and the pictured subjects. Trapped in a box and within the screen. Forever looking out of the frame, to some near future, in a state of hypnosis.

Agnese Gutovska, Nostalgia for a Future

Agnese Gutovska, Nostalgia for a Future