This Temporary Matter Artist: Frances Hodson

Frances Hodson

Frances Hodson is an emerging artist from Lincolnshire, working in the field of drawing, painting and sculpture. Her art-objects concern simplicity, availability and in the words of Frank Stella, being able to “see the whole idea without any confusion.”

“Using the flat surface as a canvas, I focus on the building of layers within my work. The work begins its creation in the two-dimensional form but when exhibited, take on a three dimensional aspect thus making these works objects as opposed to surfaces. I practise with prosaic materials that really have no entity on their own. But when combined with their context, make a complex flurry of ideas that unfurl to make something simple and engaging in order to 'see the whole idea without any confusion'. I spend hours repeating monotonous actions to create textures from flat surfaces, as well as exploring how materials can change to be viewed and experienced differently. The simplicity of materials used within my work demonstrates the strains that are around us in a delicate and discreet way through the placement in the gallery and their display - as in 'Limits' where pen and paper are used to make the undulating surface. An interest in reusing materials, to display a laborious transformation from one thing to another, has meant that I have been able to re-imagine my practise to display my own alternative labours. My on-going practise continues to visualise labour in alternative ways with the aid of material and their innate qualities.”

Instagram: @fmhodson

Image: 'Limits'. Drawing on paper.