This Temporary Matter Artist: Joanna Espiner

Joanna Espiner

I am interested in exploring clay as if for the first time, each time I engage with it. I let it speak for itself and show the traces of my conversations with it. These conversations are short or long and various and sometimes include bringing other objects, tools or materials into communication with the clay. Recently, partly because I have not had easy access to a kiln, I have been making unfired clay works and leaving them outdoors in open spaces. I have been interested in observing how they degrade when exposed to the elements and where they end up. I witness that sometimes they are moved about by others or disappear or crumble and break down. I am intrigued by this continuation of the journey of the pieces once they have left my hands. As part of my practice I take clay into non-arts settings and work alongside others to explore the material and open up their own conversations with it.

Image: Clay pieces created daily over one month.

Clay Pieces