This Temporary Matter Artist: Zoe Toolan

Zoe Toolan

"Meaningful social interaction, the nature of experience and our phenomenological relationship with 'things' are recurring explorations within my practice. The links between time and understanding also fascinate me and whether conceptually or physically, I believe my art is routed in mark making...

All that matters is this moment and that's already gone. Yet it's through links to that moment with which we decipher our 'now': that simultaneous, gut-flipping, happy/sad tension that being reminded - through photographs, possessions, words - of a time you'll never have again brings. And not necessarily for the thing itself, but because that thing reminds you of all the other pieces that are gone, but that your brain holds onto to make you what you are."

Instagram: @zklt.artist

Twitter: @TWLZoe

Image: 'Stop Being So Childish'. Live piece with whisky.