Announcing the Artists: Tom Milnes

Tom Milnes


Tom Milnes is an artist, curator and Ph.D researcher living and working in Oxford. His work explores our relationship with technological cultures. The wreckless modernity of our technology consumption is contrasted in his fictional fabrications of obsolete devices are forged into strange yet familiar machines. There is a nostalgia for the retrograde in his work and the tactility of the device, commenting on the evolution of our relationship with technology and our changing digital cultures. 

Tom Milnes comments on his work in the exhibition:

"The Ex-Machines are a series of photographs of machines. They are fictional assemblages which summon unreal, nostalgic yet alternative futures. Imbued with potential narratives of their history, the works portray a fantasy, imaginary simulacrum of reality." ... "The only evidence for the object’s being is the photograph. However, this is heavily doctored, slightly unreal, as the object don't represent any recognisable technology."