Announcing the Artists: Yole Quintero

Yole Quintero

A Consensual Hallucination

Yole Quintero is a multimedia artist who adopts numerous processes and persona's to explore her ideas. In this particular project, she tackles past, future and present relationships with technology and our changing perception of the real in a metaphysical analogy of the Madonna and her child. Creating a sanctum with her immersive works her experimental pieces will induce her pseudo-religious experience. Making broad comment on cybercultures and the real politics that surround our relationships with other people and our own bodies. 

Yole Quintero describes her work in the exhibition: 

"Our modern technology is focused on the ‘Age of individualism’. Our everyday consumption of technology focuses on making us dependent on it, taking away simple tasks such as remembering someones phone number. It seems the result of a rampant capitalist ideal, aiming to control our core desires and primary instincts. Technology has become something closer to a religion: We believe in it and worship its superhuman controlling power. Technology became our obsession, our answer to problems and our next hope. We use technology today to not only represent reality but also to create new ones.

The work represents the anxiety generated by social aspects of cyberculture such as computer-mediated communication, interactivity, and social media, mixed with elements of cultural identity, politics of the body, religion, and femininity."

Yole Quintero