36 Exposures, Found Photography

There’s beauty to be found in a torn photo, a damaged strip of negatives, long buried rolls of film and a dusty old slide projector found in the attic, new stories to create and old one to discover. This project came from a large piece of found objects work I did a few years ago called “The Lost & Found Museum”, an online project and exhibition looking at found objects and new work made with them.
The idea for this came from one piece in that exhibition, a set of negatives I found in an inner city greenspace, a space where old buildings had been demolished and now daisies and wild plants reign supreme. The images were of a group of people on and after their graduation day and seemed to centre on one couple. This was an exciting find and I was eager to get into the darkroom and have a look. The physical damage to the negatives, in my mind, looks beautiful on the final photo prints and I experimented with them as abstracts as well as straight up prints.

The most interesting thing that happened was at the opening night of the exhibition where these images were on display the main guy in the photos actually came in. It was odd for him to see these images I am sure and he told me the whole story, looked at them for ages as he had not seen them before and we chatted.

What are the odds of that!

Stay tuned for more.

36, 36ExposuresFaB Curator