Why De|Select? Why Dead|Line?

When De|Select got together we weren’t entirely sure what we were going to be however we knew that through working together we could figure something out. Some of the things we figured out were exactly what you’d expect. For example how tricky it could be for us, as artists, to let our egos go and really immerse ourselves in a collaboration. Our trick was to find the playing side where each of us could build into a whole that we could truly claim was if not stronger per se then definitely ‘more’ than we might have achieved as separate units. It’s still hard to fully quantify the shift in our work and it will, no doubt, be something we can only pin down once all of the ripples have finally settled down.

Dead|Line is our next phase of this and is a way to share and keep those transformative ripples going. We are not trying to say the line is dead but that there are ways of bringing individual lines together and making something beyond a single line and beyond the deadline of exhibition into a living object that can be seen growing, transforming, mutating and evolving throughout the FaB festival.

And, if that sounds too pretentious, it should also be good fun.