Sarah King

My Sister Life is the naming of her creative processes and work as an artist - Sarah King's work is born out of necessity.There is about making connections, search for the overlooked in her practice, through the sensitivity of listening for silence and realising the impossible absence of silence she records the repeated acts of daily life, the seemingly small events, rituals and rhythms which mark the passage of time.

Through drawing, scoring, stitching, recording and listening she has responded to exterior sounds - hidden elements, overlooked happenings, occurrences only felt, but not seen, creating a series of repeated drawings, mapping sounds and creating trace. Archivist of her life, Sarah King records thoughts through the marking off of time, She uses marks for mapping, and she scores trace through marking repeated sound.

The reintroduction of thread into the work has been an important step forward, and resonates with the enquiry into silence, and whether or not that is visible in the work.

King says: β€œThe drawings become extensions of the thoughts and conversations I am having with myself. My exploration is fuelled by considering whether I can communicate silence, or rather an absence of silence with the marks in stitch. The reintroduction of thread back into the work is my attempt to leave a trace of myself and my experience of silence.

These new works are the continuation of a deep level of enquiry into the presence of silence generating ideas and research conversations which readdress my developing methodologies and working processes.” They are deeply concerned of time and forgetfulness, where the fleeting evanescence of whiteness can be a reflection of the sublime.

The works also have opened into another direction: where every separation is a link, as much between the sound of rain and breath and the silence afterwards, where the works on paper evoke light and water, to encapsulate and somehow map moments of being.

Sarah King