Textiling with the more-than-human

KINdoms explores textile arts inspired by eco-feminism/phenomenology. Dispense with the hierarchies between ourselves and non-human species – we only exist as part of a larger web - the elements are in & around us.

As meshes of plant, animal, mineral networks, textiles are nomadic across species, time, place and material state. So, explore textiles as an interface, (de)construction or surface with Others / Self. All around us is vibrant matter, invisible yet perceptible eg. air, rainwater, starlight. Connect with real or imagined trees, animals, seasons, or the soil with textiles.

Work with stitch, (3D)print, weave, knit, dye etc in any scale and a flow of agency between 2D/3D, image, text, trad crafts & new techs. It can be a way of dialoging with ‘natural’ worlds & source materials of low eco impact.

Curated by Patricia Brien, submit via