Curators thoughts about FaB - Lee Riley

Photo by Andrew Bell - January 2018

Photo by Andrew Bell - January 2018

I have been involved with Fringe Arts Bath on a few occasions, it is a great opportunity for artists to showcase their work in unusual spaces and venues away from the study spaces, studios or galleries they are used to, including empty shops, chapels or even on the streets.

It is good fun and great experience. It is also great for artists looking for a challenge curating and organising a small part of what is becoming a well known yearly festival.

I installed work in the ‘Resonance’ and Contemporary Arts Research Units ‘Nothing in Art’ exhibitions, I also performed throughout the festival in 2014. I wanted more and went back to curate the 'Seeing Sounds from Inside/Out’ exhibition in 2015.

Lee Riley

I am a sound artist based in Bicester, Oxfordshire. I have a background in visual arts, graphic design and photography.

I found an interest in sound in 2007 when I started making experimental music, which I still do. After a series of gigs and collaborations. I wanted to explore sound and in 2010 I applied for the MA in Composition and Sonic Art at Oxford Brookes. This was an interdisciplinary arts course, which opened up new ways of working and expanded my practice even more.

On the MA I made sound pieces away from my music, I made sound installations, started practicing improvisation, I performed new pieces on the streets and collaborated with other artists, musicians and dancers. I completed the MA in 2012.

I have created work since and showed work in more unusual settings. Basements, Galleries, Warehouses, etc.

I am looking forward to curating the 'It Sounds Devicive!’ exhibition this year at #fab18

Blog image - Light and Sound piece installed at FaB 2014 as part of Resonance

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