What the hell is This Temporary Matter?

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This guy gets it! He's there, chuckling away at a hilarious story involving a bucket, a bird and a Rich Tea Finger while his rose house tick tock dies. Look at his skin! It's not what it was yesterday when I ate his friends. They were all hot and plump and fluffy and delicious dipped in tomato ketchup. But this guy is past that, living in a present world unknown to yesterday's dinner. Welcome to my world, the world of This Temporary Matter. Pleased to meet you. You'll never be the same again.

Exhibition callout:

Taking its lead from vanitas and memento mori concerns, This Temporary Matter will further explore these ideas by bringing together ephemeral works created in materials that also have a definite life span. The show's duration will therefore serve as a ticking clock for each work's actual birth and death, and the use of interesting/experimental mediums will mean that the work will challenge traditional notions of material choice and longevity in terms of meaning as well as substance. By using both form and concept to examine the absurdity/humour/excitement/sadness/wonder/freedom/truth in the fact that everything has an ultimate end point, the audience will physically and philosophically be placed in the present to celebrate the unique moment they're experiencing right here, right now.

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My website: https://www.zklt.co.uk/