Doorways - a matter of choice?

'Doorways' represent choice.

In our last blog, we discussed how doorways represent change: the transition from one place to another, of one state to another, or the 'now' to the 'next'. This time we look at how this relates to choice - to go through the door, or to stay where you are? It is no surprise that the symbolism of a corridor full of doors - which to choose? - is a common trope in movies, literature and the like.

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The concept of a choice of options, of pathways, as represented by a choice of doors, is well known. Inherent in this are other things which doorways symbolise - the unknown, the unseen; the moment of transition, opportunity. This is often used as a metaphor, for example, when faced with a big life decision - a new job, a new relationship, a big change. It's not coincidence that we talk of influential people being able to 'open doors'.

There is excitement in this metaphor - everyone loves choice, right? The thrill of having things to choose between, of having more than one chance at the future. But there is also indecision - this is the moment before the choice - the moment of uncertainty. This can also therefore symbolize inertia, confusion, a lack of clarity about what the future holds, which way you want to go.

There can be foreboding in this metaphor. Implicit in this is the idea that there is a 'right' and a 'wrong' choice; and therefore a risk that you might not choose the 'right' doorway. Not knowing what is behind each one, and the potential that once you have chosen you cannot go back, imbue this scenario with a sense of foreboding, even fear. The fear of the unknown, and an unknown that you could select (or avoid?) if only you choose correctly.

Of course, if you're locked in - or locked out - it's not about choice so much as lack of it... we'll pick that idea up next time.

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Are doorways a matter of choice?

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