Micro Zine Instructions

If you wanted a quick tutorial on how to make a 6cm x 6cm folding micro zine then read on.

The following instructions are aimed at using a full A4 page.  But using the following template you can make a 6cm x 6cm zine.


So using Photohop or something simaler (or draw by hand) insert your text, images or what ever you like into the above template (and remove my text and numbers).  A photoshop file with the template as a layer is available, just email me at gripe@fringeartsbath.co.uk.  Finally print out the page on A4 paper and trim around the template, then you can follow the rest of the instructions. 

CAUTION!  When printing do not allow the print to resize to 'best fit' to the page.  The template needs to be printed at 100%, ignore the warnings about cliping etc.


1.  This will be your trimed template and will will fold-down to an eight of the original size.

2.  Fold it in half.

3.  Fold the paper in half once again, vertically

4.  Open-out flat and refold the end fold back on itself, so the direction of the folds looks like the image above.

5.  Fold in half again horizontally, really rub down the folds to make them sharp.  Use a bone folder/creaser tool, or the smooth back of a pen or something simaler. 

6.  Unfold and lay flat - cut neatly across the central two folds as shown above.


7.  This is the tricky bit - fold the paper in half, with the cut at the top, push the cut open into a diamond shape then fold the booklet into itself,  see the images above.


These instructions are taken from zineopolis, a fantastic online resource.  I'd highly recomend you check it out.   http://zineopolis.blogspot.co.uk/


I'll post shortly with a little example of my first prototype micro zine for this new vending machine.