Only Human: The Hook

As someone curating an exhibition all about mental health vs social media this blogging malarkey is, well uncomfortable. 

The Hook:

So this is like that first time you sign-up to that new social media platform and think I wonder what is out there? The anticipation and excitement that fills you on your adventure through the feed, the meme that you can relate to and the endless stalking that can be achieved (of all those popular people at school, just to see how they turned out) You realise it's been 20 minutes, yes. That's enough. Wait. Let's decide my first profile picture.  

Once chosen you feel that's enough for today. But, I wonder who will 'like' my photo? Will someone 'love' it?

You are now hooked. You were hooked after that magic 7 seconds. That 7 seconds that it takes to make a lasting impression. 

FaB CuratorOnly Human