SOUVENIR - Submissions open

Nostalgia has traditionally represented a mythic past, a time significantly far away from the present in years. Increasingly the time frame which promotes a nostalgic response is shortening, a flattening of time, an atemporal and postmodern nostalgia is emerging to shape our present.  

Some questions the exhibition hopes to examine:

What is the relationship between nostalgia, appropriation and pastiche?

Does nostalgia impact political discourse? 

Has the disappearance of a secure future (stable employment, affordable education, settled housing) fuelled this drive towards 'retro culture'?

What is the relationship between social media and nostalgia? Do we live in constant anticipation of our memories?

Art that uses nostalgia as its starting place has traditionally not been held in high regard and frequently dismissed critically. However, as nostalgia becomes more of a dominant cultural force more artists are seriously engaging with it as a concept. I hope this exhibition will further this investigation.

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Eve  Type C Photograph  Alex Prager, 2008


Type C Photograph

Alex Prager, 2008