Doorways - introducing our artists! #5

This is the fifth and final blog introducing our artists for Doorways (in no particular order). Today we introduce David Bickley, Brigit Edelmann, Victoria Louise Doyle, Carrieanne Cara Vivianette and Sharleene Olivier.

David Bickley

David's audio visual works/installations are abstracted, largely process-led adventures mainly on themes of nature/landscape but also with points of reference to mythology and symbolism. He says that they rely heavily on texture and mood and tend to sacrifice the topographical in an attempt to capture the spirit of the places depicted using memory or feeling.

For 'Doorways', David's haunting video 'Gateways' explores the communication between the opposing worlds that lie either side of a threshold.

David B.jpg

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Brigit Edelmann

Brigit describes her art as a dialogue between the artist, the artwork itself and its viewers and participants. She says that in order to change ones view of life and ones perspectives, art has to move, change at all times, be in flux - her practice is part of that movement.

An important theme in her work is orientation - in society, in rooms, in space. She's interested in how we navigate our way through life or spaces, how we orientate ourselves and in relation to what. Together with this, she is interested in places that exist and at the same time don’t (exist). They are often public places such as airports or railway stations, footpaths or railway tracks - liminal places, transit and threshold.

For 'Doorways', Brigit will be installing a video installation, in which a cursor scuttles across & around the doorway, constantly moving & mapping the space through which we move, challenging our visitors to think about themselves in the space and the world around them.


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Victoria Louise Doyle

Victoria's piece for 'Doorways' is taken from her series 'Squaring the Circle'. Through this work she's been exploring the question of what photography is.

A photographer From London, Victoria's work depicts the space through which light passes on its way to becoming a photograph, challenging us as viewer to contemplate this liminal space and what it means for creativity.

Victoria D.jpg

Find out more about Victoria's work at or follow her on Instagram @victoriadoyle


Carrieanne Cara Vivianette

Carrieanne is a performance artist and painter. She says that she is at her most honest when she is a solo performer. She describes art as undeniably about creation, criticism (of life), rearrangement, progression and personal gain (self development and healing) and so it’s inevitable that her work would be centred on the study of people and behavior.

For 'Doorways', Carrieanne will be performing her solo piece 'In my room' on Saturday 2nd June at 3pm and Sunday 3rd June at 3pm. Carrieanne’s enthralling performance tackles the notion of refusing doorways, of instead waiting & hoping for a change to come. Ultimately she explores the challenge of appreciating the place you’re in.


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Sharleene Olivier

Sharleene is an artist and writer based in South Africa, working in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, textiles, film and collage. She says it's important to her to always release a piece of herself into the work. She tends to collect many treasured objects for art-making; these may be discarded things, remnants, so it becomes a personal choice of what can be used, what is worth keeping. She says that these choices may inadvertently tell a story of the artist over and above the finished artwork.

For 'Doorways', Sharleene work references Alice in Wonderland and particularly the references with the novel to doorways and portals. Her piece 'Down, down, down' uses the text of Carroll’s novel as the starting point, working with repeated strips of text to represent the rabbit hole.


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