Announcing the Artists: Victoria Jouvet

Victoria Jouvert

Redundant Keg Room

Victoria Jouvert’s monologue and accompanying work is alive with symbolism and imagery but void of metaphors. It avoids middle ground and common semblance often associated with manic depression. Through reverse engineering and explicating the notion of the pharmakon, the artist meanders meaningfully along a narrative river, until it feels as if a demising and never-ending waterfall awaits in every direction of travel. Free falling with eyes closed is the trust exercise we should submit to; to credit madness as a state of reality– for the creation of this work and its hyperreal grasps out into the universe, is anything but redundant.

Victoria Jouvert describes her work in the exhibition: 

"Emotions make up, and greatly alter our perception of reality – feeling everything so acutely has made the world a strange place – it is sometimes too real – sometimes too scary, too dreadful, too beautiful, too bad and too good to be true. Living with a mood disorder is very much like living in an alternative world like living in hyperreality." ..." The kegs are my mind - these hugely pressurized items constantly being tapped into and emptied of their con- tents and then  lled up again. They have no control; they exist to be overloaded with chemicals and then drained of them again in a never-ending cycle of disor- der."

Victoria Jouvert