ISD! Introductions: Peter Barnard

Roulette by Peter Barnard 

Roulette by Peter Barnard 

Peter Barnard’s output as an artist primarily deals with associations and encounters, some of which emerge from the element of chance, that act as a starting point for artistic production. Much of this emerges as sound, installation, sculpture, performance and moving image while engaging with recurring themes concerning dualism, memory and representation. 

Born in London, UK (1987), Peter Barnard received his BA Hons in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, 2012.

Since graduating, Barnard has exhibited at various art-spaces, galleries and has had his work presented in many screenings and radio broadcasts. He has shown in the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Brussels, Germany and India. Recent exhibitions/screenings have taken place at Bloc Projects, Sheffield, UK; Firstsite, Colchester, UK and IKLECTIK Art Lab, London, UK. 

Peter Barnard currently lives and works in Buckinghamshire, UK.

"Originally exhibited as part of an outdoor exhibition, Roulette fuses elements of kinetic art with radio technology to explore how the input of ecological sounds can broaden our encounter with certain objects or spaces. Informed by DIY/hacking cultures and experimental music - the work makes use of FM radios, which have been modified with photosensitive cell components that causes the radio signal carrier frequency to be in constant flux due to the amount of light source that the piece is exposed to. Acting as a counterpoint to this form of movement, the speed of the motor, which moves the arm that carries the two radios, is also controlled by input generated from the environment that the piece is situated in.

With two forms of movement, sonic and physical, generated by the environment - Roulette appears to place itself at odds with values of progress that powerful mainstream technologies are establishing.