ISD! Introductions: Martin Vishnick


Martin Vishnick - guitarist, composer, teacher, and researcher

Martin works as a concert performer, where tours have taken him all over the globe, sound artist especially contemporary repertoire and free improvisation, and accompanist for in a variety of genres. His Wigmore Hall and Purcell Room debuts were back in 1981.
     Commissions include music for the theatre, concert hall, film and media. First published work was Four Pieces for Solo Violin Edwin Ashdown (1977).
     Martin also teaches guitar and composition, Former guitar and composition teaching posts include The London College of Music and St. Albans School, Herts.
     He holds an MSc in composition at University of Hertfordshire 1998, and a PhD from City University 2015. Now concentrating on propagating post-doctoral research, testing theories and principles expounded in his research.
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Martin will performing at Walcot Chapel Saturday 9th June

Music for Classical Guitar and Objects It Sounds Devicive! FaB18

Free improvisations using everyday materials to produce sound flows. For example, I use a range of devices - sponge, electric toothbrush, felt, chains, candle holders, and more.