This Temporary Matter Artist: Monica Bonomo

Monica Bonomo

"My work utilises the colours extracted from plants and my interest centres in our ever-changing relationship with earth resources. My practice develops as an exploration of the active properties of plants, looking to emphasize the moving boundaries between changing states.  As for example the constant change in the crystallization of salts and plant-based substances, the subtle changes of colour in the fibres through oxidation processes, or the stimulating and volatile scents released from essential oils. These changing states are encouraged and sustained by the idea of a non-hierarchical approach to matter. A horizontal and collaborative approach to materials is always present in the process.
Following cross-cultural exchanges which have given shape to our globalized context, I see trade routes and markets as the routes from where knowledge and materials spread."

Image: 'The Boiling Pot'. Cinnamon, plant matter, cotton, curcuma, water, heat plate, aluminium pot.