This Temporary Matter Artist: Sophie Erin Cooper

Sophie Erin Cooper

"I create works that explore fragility, playing with natural forms, paint, graphite and fine pens. Through drawing I revel in the intricacies of the natural world with both expressive and detailed mark making. My drawings evolve organically as a patternless yet repetitive process – each mark composed in accordance with what came before, growing intuitively across a surface.I experiment with a variety of surfaces from different papers and natural materials to the windows or walls of a space. Creating artwork for me is a form of play and whilst some pieces shyly remain self contained others step into a space, hiding in corners, climbing across windows or spilling across the floor. I am intrigued by both immersing the viewer as well as only giving them a glimpse."

Instagram: @sophieerincooper

Twitter: @sophieerin_

Image: 'Mark, Touch, Press'. Watercolour, oil paint and graphite on pressed rose petals, pins 'Where is your humanity?'