This Temporary Matter Artist: Svetlana Ochkovskaya

Svetlana Ochkovskaya

"Through a transformation of my body, my work reveals an element of the unknown or unrecognised and simultaneously explores the question of identity within the context of understanding how aliens as a post/human make us human. I would like to deconstruct the normative perception of the human (women) body, ordinary objects, and materials in the unfamiliar spaces. Through site-specific installations and performative art videos I would like to break down the boundary between real and imaginary; to offer audiences new and alternative ways to interpret and approach a current moment in our life to understand better ourselves and the world within us. My works regard as a form of representation of the mythical, science fiction, alien creature that serves to construct the space or the world. Thus through creating a world or world-building (that are physical as well as metaphysical) in my work, I offer the audience a mythic representation upon my understanding of what does it means to be a human. The creature in my work (neither human, not animal or machine) wander through the world they no longer belong to and become a creature of imagination and myths."

Instagram: @svetlanaochk

Image: 'G Planet'. Video installation.