Poppy Clover

Poppy Clover uses personal experiences; either her own, borrowed from friends or taken from those throughout history. Her work takes many forms - from paintings to sculptures, ready made objects, embroidery and photographs. 


Poppy Clover, I’m so sorry I stood you up, 2016, vinyl lettering

After a Tinder date stood the artist up, he said sorry, but she didn’t feel it. It’s so easy to say something via a digital message when you don’t have to deal with the reactions of the recipient. This is called Online Disinhibition – ‘The online disinhibition effect describes the loosening of social restrictions and inhibitions that are normally present in face-to-face interactions that takes place in interactions on the Internet.’

Poppy Clover, Insert Compliment Below, 2016, vending machine

Inside a working vending machine are condoms printed with the collected messages from women, reflecting the idea the men feel they can say anything to get them into bed. The machine represents the monotony that women feel when they receive these messages on an almost daily basis.