Will Hughes

The backbone to Will Hughes practice is his experiences of existing in the 21st Century. He creates sculptural expanded illustrations which are sensual and seductively human in the shapes, materials and movements his work embraces. He is exploring themes of bodily function and mental health, influenced by music, queer culture and science. He appropriates and re-imagines lyrics and imagery from everyday experiences, which allows him to build layers of references into the objects he creates. The dialogue between the title and sculpture is fundamental to the work.


Will Hughes, In the land of Gods and monsters, I was an angel, looking to get fucked hard, 2019, polyurethane resin, white spray paint, coral pink foam, green florescent tubes

A work exploring the erotic and social taboos around the tongue; the use of the tongue to use the physiological sexual arousal and pleasure. This piece is also influenced by the idea of the tongue being devilish, satanic and rude. With the green light, the viewer is transported into a world beyond the physical and enters into a state of fantasy. This use of the green light is influenced by the matrix, showing the world inside the computer.

Title is taken from ‘Gods and Monsters’ by Lana Del Rey (2012).