Zofia Nowakowska

Zofia Nowakowska’s art practice is focused on contemporary art in social media. This year she is making projects about our need to make close relations with other human beings - either mental and physical.


Zofia Nowakowska, Swipe Right Means Fuck, 2019, sound recording

The artist is interested in our need of being with someone, either for the whole life or just for one night. It's normal that we look for the physical connection as well as for the intimacy and care, however, we live in a world where a good camera, a bit of Photoshop and not a lot of clothes on are enough to be called ‘The Most Beautiful Woman In The World’. She created a Tinder account and collected all the compliments from people who swiped her right. This project presents the very superficial side of this dating application. Do we also wipe out people in the real world just because they are not visually attractive to us?