Dafna Staretz

The work of Dafna Staretz circles around the notion of modern mythologies and the way our private and cultural stories construct our identities and systems of believes. Through painting she wishes to examine the possibilities of aesthetically evoked narratives as a way to explore the construction of our personal and communal histories. Images don't seem to her as something that only illustrates stories; she rather considers them as something that can evoke another form of narrative, one which is fragmentary and non-linear, which thus opens up to ambivalence, enables and encourages viewers to assume the role of authors, to create a multitude of stories on their own.


Dafna Staretz, Big Fish #1, 2019, watercolour on paper, audio


Dafna Staretz, Big Fish #2, 2019, watercolour on paper, audio


The sea of possibilities is infinite and full of fish. The fish speak, they read love poems in weird computerized accents from around the world, the words fall apart and lose meaning, they become music and hook the audience with a fishing line to their ears.